Italy’s economy is recovering with a few surprises in store

IRI – the market research company – has provided TUTTOFOOD with the monthly data regarding food sales in the FMCG industry. October’s figures confirm this hint of recovery with a +2.2% (equal to € 3,488 million) in value for the packaged food sector. The year to date is recording even more impressive figures with +3.2% (equal to € 37,850) over the same period of 2016. 

Digging deep into the product categories, we found a few surprises. October’s best performer was packaged meat, which has increased by 15.3% with sales worth € 59 million. A true signal that consumers’ trust is getting stronger. Packaged meat has been the top performer even throughout the year. From January to October, it has increased by 11% compared to 2016 with sales worth € 561 million.

In October, fresh condiments, another not-so-essential product, which was affected by the economic situation, have grown by 13.5% with sales worth € 31 million. This product category has recorded satisfactory data since the beginning of the year with sales worth € 261 million (+5.5%). The third place of the ranking is occupied by organic food, which has slowed down a bit but is still strong. In fact, its +10.9% brings the monthly sales to € 121 million. Sales over the year to date have touched € 1,221 million, with a growth rate of 13.3%.

In absolute terms, ambient food has dominated sales even in October with € 1,531 million (+0.4%), followed by bakery and grains with € 267 million (-0.3%) and cheese with € 207 million (+0.8%). The ranking has remained unchanged since the beginning of the year, with ambient food leading with sales worth € 15,964 million (+1.6%), still followed by bakery products and grains with € 2,618 million (-0.6%), and cheese with 2,258 million (+1.9%).

It is also worth highlighting the good performance of festive products, which are worth € 494 million (+8.3%). In September, the beverage industry recorded a slight decrease in sales, as it was worth € 260 million, -7.3% compared to the same month in 2016. However, over the year, this product category has recorded a positive trend, thanks to a +3.5%, bringing sales to almost € 2.5 billion (€ 2,497 million).