Netcomm and TUTTOFOOD: quality for millennials, the secret behind fresh food online

Italians love to find fresh food at the shop. However online shopping is getting more and more popular and the future lies in mixed formulas, as Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods supermarkets proves.

These are just a few indications that TUTTOFOOD and Fruit&Veg Innovation have collected at the Netcomm Focus Food, a one-day event dedicated to e-commerce in the agrofood sector, which the Milano World Food Exhibition has promoted in collaboration with Netcomm, Italy’s most important e-commerce consortium. Research highlights how e-commerce will play an increasingly strategic role to increase margins and improve operators’ positioning, if in the next few years 85% of the spending will be made online.

Youngsters, and millennials in particular, prefer these new shopping methods, as they pay more attention to quick and reliable purchase solutions and products with a high service level combined with significant nutritional inputs. Millennials are evolved consumers who conceive food in a functional way and can improve their cognitive, physical, aesthetic and behavioural skills. Nutritional and health values of fruit and vegetables are more and more under the spotlight.

Marco Porcaro, founder and CEO of Cortilia, the first online marketplace, which puts consumers and farmers in contact, has confirmed this trend. “Our model allows us to enhance the value of farmers, selected based on the quality of their products and production techniques. We show their faces and tell their stories. Due to its efficiency and functionality, this has become a reference format for MMD brands, who have borrowed its offering and packaging system.”

Another interesting point of view is provided by the case study conducted by T18, an innovative platform designed in partnership with the Polytechnic University of Turin, which allows for placing and editing orders with one simple click. The freshness of fruits and vegetables is everything. Therefore, the products that customers order within 9 pm reach the outlet by 7 am. “This system ensures freshness, provides the possibility to seize purchase opportunities, and allows for prompt stock management, which ensures continuity,” commented Edoardo Ramondo, the creator of this tool.

The results are extremely interesting. On average, through T18, outlets who have participated in this initiative have recorded a 40% increase in income and their margins have gone up 35%. Moreover, the fruit and vegetable department has positively impacted the turnover by +16%. And customers are happy because they find everything they need. And it’s fresh! At TUTTOFOOD 2019 (at Fieramilano from 6 to 9 May), fresh products will be back in great style after the success in 2017 with Fruit&Veg Innovation, the international event were the supply and demand meet.