With TUTTOFOOD, world markets are getting closer to SMEs

TUTTOFOOD is more than just the best international agrofood marketplace in Italy. It’s also an all-round partner and for companies that want to undertake an internationalisation process and need a consultant for analysing and developing new markets, niches, and segments. This long journey has led TUTTOFOOD to start a new collaboration with StudiaBo, The Studies Office for new companies that manages the Ulisse IT System.

What is it exactly? Ulisse is a portal, which is easy to access and use. It provides an analysis system on overseas sales for over 3,000 products and 400 commodities for suppliers, and a report system, which provides over 125,000 reports on overseas sales and over 500 reports for suppliers, all represented with intuitive infographics. As for the agrofood segment, Ulisse provides information about the opportunities for over 300 products in 150 Countries.

TUTTOFOOD will support the companies of the agrofood industry, in particular Small and Medium Enterprises – both Italian ones who aim at developing the export compartment, and international ones who aim at conquering the Italian market. TUTTOFOOD will provide reliable information about the markets and will help these companies analyse and enhance the value of these markets, thereby helping them make their decisions and manage planning and control cycles during the internationalisation process and optimise the results.

An example? According to Ulisse, in 2017, the world market of durum wheat pasta will be worth € 3.4 billion, and it is expected to further grow by 3.8% in the 2018-20 period. In November 2017, the United States were the world’s largest importers with over € 450 million, followed by Germany with over € 300 million, and France with about € 250 million. Almost half of the value (€ 215 million) of the pasta imported by the USA comes from Italy. Therefore, the US rank second in Italy’s main markets behind Germany (€ 253 million) and before France (€ 179 million). Even in this important segment, TUTTOFOOD can help companies analyse the market of every single country thanks to the data provided by Ulisse.

With this initiative, TUTTOFOOD can be considered a reliable partner for the best SMEs in the agrofood industry in Italy and abroad. It will help them access resources and tools, which are usually used only by large enterprises.