Milan, 8 May 2017 – Different industries united by the strong organisations that represent them and have in TUTTOFOOD found the perfect platform to benefit their companies and enable them to look ahead to the opportunities of a cross-cutting meeting that will re-energise the industry.

TUTTOFOOD will subsequently be hosting the leading organisations within the sector, which have offered their experience, expertise and capabilities to understand the market and, above all, the companies that they represent during the event planning phase.

Throughout the event, many of them will also be making their expertise directly available to the operators they will be consulting with, but also during events and meetings that have strengthened the congressional calendar at this edition of TUTTOFOOD.

In alphabetical order, the partner associations involved in the event are as follows:



TUTTOFOOD will see the participation of a leading player in the Italian food industry, the cooperation, which with its 5000 associate companies and a turnover of 35 billion euros, represents approximately a quarter of the overall value of the Italian agro-food industry. By virtue of the agreement with TUTTOFOOD, the Alleanza Cooperative Agroalimentare (Agro-Food Cooperative Alliance) will be organising and promoting an in-depth insight into the dairy sector - an industry that with approximately 700 companies and 27,500 stables, processes 7 million tons of milk and has a leadership role in the production of DOP cheese - contributes to 50% of the overall national system turnover, equivalent to 7 billion euros. The themed workshops that will be taking place from 9 - 11 May in Academy 2 of the TUTTODAIRY Hall range from seminars on exporting to the United States to the latest trends surrounding organic milk and an overview of the main cooperative experiences in innovation.



Thanks to the partnership with Fiera Milano and following the success of the previous edition, AIDEPI will be in attendance with its own stand at TUTTOFOOD, the B2B international fair dedicated to food and beverage that will be taking place in Milan’s fair district (Rho) from 8 to 11 May 2017.

TUTTOFOOD, which welcomed more than 78,000 visitors and over 2,800 exhibitors from all over the world in 2015, will span an area of 180,000 sq.m, hosting exhibition spaces and in-depth learning opportunities. The Academy areas will be making their debut at this year's edition and will feature courses, workshops and show-cooking events organised by the various Companies for the benefit of both visitors and sector operators. 

AIDEPI will be at the institutional and informative stand in hall 3 with two free organised events, open to all the participants and visitors attending TUTTOFOOD: 9 May 2017 – Sala Kappa 6 – Hall 6 – h. 10.00-13.00: Commodity agro-industrial market forecast 2017/2018 10 May 2017 – LEM 1 – Sala A, Ponte dei Mari – h. 10.30-13.00: Le procedure per il ritiro/richiamo dei prodotti non conformi e il Nuovo Sistema Informativo Sanitario” (Procedures for the collection/recall of non-conforming products and the New Health Care Information System”


ASSICA (Meat and Cured Meat Industrial Association) will be taking part at TUTTOFOOD, the Milanese fair that will take place from 8 to 11 May, with a stand (T27 - T30 - Hall 2) and an extensive programme of in-depth insights for sector operators.

“We wanted to be part of TUTTOFOOD as we firmly believe in the Fiera Milano project. Both TUTTOFOOD and ourselves share the same objectives: to increase the international dimension of our businesses. Today, more so than in the past, it has become clear that our future is linked to our ability to grow abroad, to publicise our products and break into new markets. Our expectations have been met at all three editions that we have been part of so far. If today we are satisfied with our exports, it is thanks in part to international events such as TUTTOFOOD, which without doubt fly the flag for Made in Italy the world over”, commented Nicola Levoni, President of ASSICA.

The meetings - which will all be free and will last 45 minutes - will be held in the ‘Academy 2’ space, an area dedicated to conventions within Hall 2.



The Associazione dei Birrai e dei Maltatori (Brewers and Malsters’ Association) was established in 1907 and brings together the largest companies that produce and market beer in Italy, employing 137,000 individuals both directly and through linked industries.

ASSOBIRRA carries out institutional, promotional and technological development functions within the brewing sector. The Associazione dei Birrai e dei Maltatori is also the body employed to monitor the consumption of beer in Italy; subsequently, it promotes qualitative and quantitative research into the consumption habits of Italians, in addition to studies on the quality of the beer itself and production technologies. Moreover, ASSOBIRRA, to further promote a beverage boasting such a long history, has been publicising the product for many years now through collective public relations campaigns, intended to educate individuals on responsible drinking and on the development of the product culture. ASSOBIRRA protects both the interests of the sector and product whilst being conscientious of criticism relating to the irresponsible consumption of beer as an alcoholic beverage.

ASSOBIRRA is associated with Confindustria and, internationally speaking, is a member of the BoE (The Brewers of Europe), Euromalt (Comité de Travail des Malteries) and the EBC (European Brewery Convention).



A collaboration between Fiera Milano Spa, Distretto della Pesca (Fishing District), Crescita Blu and the Centro di Competenza Distrettuale (District Competence Centre). The partnership between TUTTOFOOD and Blue Sea Land envisages specific exhibitions and information-sharing at the respective events.

In fact, TUTTOFOOD had its own stand at the 5th edition of Blue Sea Land, the Sicilian event that took place in Mazara del Vallo and saw the participation of approximately 300 companies with over 1500 B2B meetings, attracting over 100,000 visitors.   

Distretto della Pesca and Crescita Blue will be taking part at TUTTOFOOD both with their own dedicated spaces, alongside a number of other companies in the TUTTOFROZEN Seafood area in Hall 1 (stands M12-N11) and in Hall 10 at the Regione Siciliana stand.

The up-and-coming edition of Blue Sea Land - Expo dei Cluster del Mediterraneo, Africa a Medioriente (Expo on Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern Clusters) will be presented at TUTTOFOOD from 28 September to 1 October 2017 and will feature the “Green and Blue Economy: i Distretti Produttivi nell’Economia Circolare” (Productive Districts in the Circular Economy) as the theme.  

Distretto della Pesca Siciliano has organised the following events programme for TUTTOFOOD:  

- 10 May - h 12:00-13:45 in Academy 1 – Hall 1: “La valorizzazione del Pescato: il ruolo dei mercati” (Promoting the fishing industry: the role of the markets).

Followed by a show-cooking event during which Sicilian delicacies will be prepared. 

- 11 May - h 12:00-13:45 in Academy 1 – Hall 1: “Blue Sea Land - Expo dei Cluster del Mediterraneo, Africa e Medioriente” (Expo on Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern Clusters). Followed by a show-cooking event.



The most effective ways to combat food waste can be learned from restaurants, in the same way that they can offer advice on a balanced diet, taking our wellbeing into consideration. In this spirit, FIPE - the Italian Federation of Public Concerns - will be taking part at Milano Food City and TUTTOFOOD 2017, with a busy events schedule dedicated to sustainability, the value of food and its correct use. “Public businesses constitute an important meeting point between industry operators and the end consumer: subsequently, the social role of bars and restaurants can and must be additionally incentivised to raise awareness and convey expertise and knowledge to the general public. With its participation at TUTTOFOOD, FIPE intends, above all, to transmit these values, promoting simple yet vitally important gestures such as asking bars and restaurants to make a ‘family bag’ and ‘wine bag’ available to enable consumers to take unopened or unfinished food and drink home with them”, commented Lino Enrico Stoppani, President of FIPE. The strengthened collaboration with TUTTOFOOD demonstrates how the FIPE system can also be a valid vehicle for promoting new formats that meet the demand of new lifestyle choices. This will in fact be the main theme of the convention “Alimentazione e Salute: Ruolo e Impegni della Ristorazione” (Food and Health: the Role and Commitment of the Restaurant Industry) from Monday 8 May at the ‘Stella Polare’ Convention Centre at Fieramilano: an opportunity that will see renowned chefs such as Davide Oldani, Carlo Cracco and Moreno Cedroni alongside industry representatives including Lino Enrico (FIPE President), Antonio Schiavelli (UNAPROA President), Marisa Porrini of the University of Milan and Davide Faraone (Ministry of Health Under-secretary) come together to take stock of the situation concerning the responsibility of public businesses in the promotion of correct food practices and a healthy diet for Italian consumers.

(FIPE Space at TUTTOFOOD: halls 2-4)



The Agenzia ICE will once again be organising the attendance of over 240 international operators at TUTTOFOOD, in the context of the initiative intended to boost Italy’s largest trade show events. The international importers and buyers will be visiting from some of the world’s leading mass retail chains, with a particular focus on the following seven markets: Australia (Coles Supermarkets, 2° largest mass-market industry in Australasia); Canada (Metro); Japan (Daimaru – Matsuzakaya); Hong Kong (City Super); Moldavia (Holdretail Unimarket, 1° mass-market industry); New Zealand (Foodstuffs Home Brand); USA (WALMART 1° national chain, MARIANOS of the Kroger Group, 2° nationally, SAMS CLUB, HEB 6° national chain, WHOLEFOODS national, organic, 9° national chain, HYVEE! 5° national chain, SCHNUCK 30° national chain, MARIANOS of the Kroger Group, 2° national chain, ROUSES (Louisiana) chain with 55 stores. Furthermore, the following buyers from US independent store chains will be in attendance: Eataly USA, Fairway Markets, Guido’s Freshmarketplace, King Food, Kowalski’s Markets and I-gourmet.


Ipsos, the global market research network, has conducted three polls for TUTTOFOOD during the two years leading up to this year’s edition. The aim of the three analyses was to outline the future of the agro-food industry and identify any emerging trends. The last of the polls, “Dal Risorante alla Rete - Le Tendenze del Food di Domani” (From Restaurants to the Net - Tomorrow’s Food Trends) was presented by Jennifer Hubber (Ipsos CEO) on 2 May during the press conference held to present the 2017 edition. Ipsos has instead been a TUTTOFOOD partner since 2013 for the contest dedicated to innovation. For each of the three editions, Ipsos interviewed over 1000 consumers and evaluated over 70 products. Once again this year, Ipsos selected the three leading innovative ideas, which were the most relevant and differentiated for the consumer.


IRI – Information Resources, inc.

IRI is a world leader in the management of big data, predictive analytical solutions and the generation of insights, with the aim of supporting the growth of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Retail and Media Companies.

Benefiting from access to the largest wealth of information on purchases, store investments, the media and consumer behaviours - all integrated into on-demand technological platforms - IRI assists over 5,000 Customers worldwide in the continual pursuit for excellence, the development of their market share and the strengthening of the rapport with their consumers.

IRI, Growth



La Federazione Italiana delle Industrie delle Acque Minerali Naturali e delle Acque di Sorgente (Italian Federation of Natural Mineral Water and Spring Water) is associated with Confindustria and, in 2015, became a TUTTOFOOD partner tasked with organising Seminars and Events relating to mineral water.

Two Seminars have been organised for the 2017 edition:

“Differenze tra acqua minerale e acqua potabile filtrata” (The differences between mineral water and filtered tap water) - with a focus on the difference between the two types of water both in terms of quality and safety for the consumer. This Seminar will most likely be of interest to industries that are part of the Horeca channel and wholesalers.

 “Regolamento Claims e legislazione sull’acqua minerale: opportunità e limiti per il marketing e la comunicazione” (Claims regulations and legislation concerning mineral water - held by lawyer Paola Corte of the studio of the same name and expert in food legislation. This Seminar is intended, above all, for marketing and communication experts.



Extra-virgin Italian olive oil takes centre stage at TUTTOFOOD 2017. The event dedicated to the product that has come to symbolise Made-in-Italy agro-food will open the evening activities of the Lombard festival on 8 May at the Dazio di Levante in Piazza Sempione, Milan. 

Extra-virgin olive oil will be our regions’ ambassador: it will greet the buyers hailing from all over the world, who will be arriving in Milan for the food trade show from 8 to 11 May. It will also welcome the Italian and international press and local, national and European institutions, invited to celebrate the companies that proudly produce this product, which, thanks to its unique flavour, unites the world. 

Extra-virgin olive oil and the land: this has always been a winning combination in Italy. In much the same way that the country’s identity is born of rich diversity, Italian olive oil is enhanced by great productive variety, yet all varieties are made to the same high standards. 

Olive oil as a product therefore becomes a metaphor and symbol of Made in Italy production, to be protected and promoted in all of its ideal, economic, environmental and anthropological components. Each town... A different oil. The many kilometres that separate northern and southern Italy determine the vast variety of olive cultivars used to make oil: over 500 cultivars grow in Italy, providing the country with a myriad of unique and unrepeatable organoleptic expressions: Taggiasca and Lavagnina in Liguria; Frantoio and Leccino in Tuscany; Casaliva and Grignan on Lake Garda; Moraiolo in Umbria; Carboncella in Sabina; Gentile in Abruzzo; Rotondella in Campania; Ogliarola, Coratina, Cima and Cellina in Puglia; Carolea and Dolce di Rossano in Calabria; Nocellara del Belice and Tonda Iblea in Sicily; Bosana, Nera di Gonnos and Pizz’e Carroga in Sardinia. These are just some of the most prevalent varieties that determine the difference in the organoleptic profiles of locally produced extra-virgin olive oils. Ranging from delicate oils with an exceptionally sweet aroma that can be enjoyed immediately to fruity and flavourful variants. There are extra-virgin olive oils that are grassy as well as those with a bitter almond aftertaste and subtle spiciness. Yellow gold featuring intense and sheer hues.  From green and orange reflections with aromas of freshly-cut grass. All the colours of the sun, encapsulating the thousand different flavours of Made in Italy extra-virgin olive oil.

The difference between oil production in the various Italian regions and other non-Italian oils is linked to a special chemical makeup, comprising hundreds of molecules in extremely limited concentrations and, at times, absent in the latter, whose variables account for the explicit difference that contributes to determine the Italian biodiversity promoted by Unaprol - Consorzio Olivicolo italiano (Italian Olive Consortium), in Hall 6, areas A31 - E48 at TUTTOFOOD



UnionAlimentari – National Union of Small and Medium Food Businesses - is associated with CONFAPI and comprises companies operating in various food sub-sectors. It assists companies with all the various specific subject areas and with the commercialisation of products both nationally and internationally and is CBA signatory for dependent employees working for small and medium food businesses. The sector boasts figures that should compel the political institutions to reflect on the importance of added value in the Italian food industry, especially the small and medium business segment, as well as on the development of the primary sector and, more generally speaking, the linked Italian food sectors. In 2016, the trade balance for Italian agro-food products reached 38.4 billion euros, with processed foods experiencing an increase of 4.2% up on the previous year. In this regard, the trade show sector also has a leading role. With this edition, UnionAlimentari celebrates a 10-year partnership with the TUTTOFOOD international event, which has become a point of reference for Italian cuisine and for other leading international sector trade shows. Throughout the event, the UnionAlimentari stand (Hall 1 - stands A30 - C29) will be offering free technical-legal consultations by appointment to all the various food companies. 

Tel. 06/5121752  -



UNAS – National Union of Frozen Food– is the most representative Italian industry association that operates specifically in the frozen food sector. It protects and promotes the interests of the frozen food sector and the reputation of frozen products. The high unexpressed potential in terms of exports is undoubtedly one of the leading sector interests. For this reason, the trade show channel has always had an important role in the associative and institutional politics of UNAS. The partnership with Fiera Milano represents a strategic element, both in Italy and abroad. Moreover, the 2017 edition will see the introduction of an important element, the addition of Foodweek. This, on par with other important trade show events, will fly the flag for the city of Milan, with additional positive ramifications for the professional visitors attending TUTTOFOOD and the global reputation of Italian cuisine. Tel. 06/61254994






Fiera Milano Press Office

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