Milan, May 8th, 2017 - It is a TUTTOFOOD edition even richer in quality content that opens today in fieramilano, where it continues until Thursday, May 11th, with a total of over 500 appointments between training, updating, data and trends presentations, demonstrations, tastings and show cooking.

A high profile appointment is the inaugural meeting, today at 11.00 am in the Martini Hall of the Stella Polare Convention Centre, on The value of food policy. The good food chain for a healthy and quality nutrition. Starting from the research conducted on the subject by CENSIS, exclusively for TUTTOFOOD, previewed here, the discussions will focus on how to ensure affordable access to safe and high quality products and how to promote the reuse of natural resources.

At 2.30 pm in the Martini Hall the system topics continue with Nutrition and Health: role and commitments of catering, a conference organised by FIPE-Confcommercio, on the importance of eating out for well-being. Introduced by the President of FIPE Lino Stoppani and moderated by Licia Granello of La Repubblica, the round-table compares starred chef Davide Oldani of the D'O Restaurant, Carlo Cracco of the Cracco Restaurant and Moreno Cedroni of the Madonnina del Pescatore Restaurant with Marisa Porrini, professor at the La Statale University of Milan and Antonio Schiavelli, President of UNAPROA.


Show-cooking, tastings and demonstrations for all tastes

And the schedule is confirmed rich and diversified throughout the whole event. n the JRE Gourmet Area at pav. 10 talents from Jeunes Réstaurateurs d'Europe, from 12 European countries, evaluate gourmet dishes with captivating demonstrations every hour from 10 am to 3pm.

Also the Fruit & Veg Restaurant and Fruit Bar by FIPE, Reception of pav. 2/4 offers events throughout the day, from tastings of fresh juices to the art of fruit and vegetable carving presented by master Beppo Tonon, to the prototype of a healthy and environmentally sustainable bar with the project "5 colours in 5 portions "of UNAPROA.

Regular appointments also with the couscous interpreted by Giallozaffeano bloggers Sara Bonaccorsi and Simona Novarini, at pav. 4 stand T22, and with Grandma Clementina, a "panella" master who shows how to manually roll out the dough with Campofilone pasta, pav. 5, stand D02/E03.

Today at 10.30 am at pav. 4, K12 / L11, tasting of shortbread created with the Piedmont butter of Le Fattorie Fiandino from the pastry world Champion Diego Crosara. From sweet to savoury, unmissable at 12.30 am at Korea's stand, pav. 6, B09 / C10, chefs Sun Young Koo and Fabrizio Ferrari give a tricolour touch to typical Korean buckwheat rolls. "Energised" afternoon at 2.00 pm by Macalove Dolcitalia, pav. 3, L27/L28: Rocco Siffredi will offer a tasting of his “rich with love” energy drink, Macalove.

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 9th at 11.00 am, at the stand of the Gorgonzola Consortium, pav. 4, K18 / L13, Antonio Cannavacciuolo amazes as always creating recipes live based on Gorgonzola DOP. More cheeses at 11.00 am at the stand of La Golosa di Puglia, pav. 4, G18 / H15, where Gianfranco Vissani performs live two recipes with typical products. After the strong dishes, the light dessert: at 11.30 am at The Bridge stand, pav. 4, C07 / C09, master Stefano Broccoli prepares live pies and pastries completely made with vegetables, without lactose and zero cholesterol. Finally, nothing better after a meal than a single-origin gourmet coffee with Ibrik extraction method, at La Cafferia, pav. 3, T10, by Helena Oliviero, Specialty Coffee Association official Trainer.

Coffee also for waking up on Wednesday the 10th at 10.00 am, always with Helena Oliviero from La Cafferia, who tests herself in the V69 method with another single-origin. The day continues with a mix of tradition and innovation: at 10.00 am at the stand of Antimo Caputo, pav. 7 H11 / K14, tastings of organic pizza based on the new Organic Caputo flour with master Gino Sorbillo, and at 12.00 am by De Matteis, pav. 5, C18 / D19, we meet chef Alessandro Borghese for a demonstration with tastings which enhance the genuine taste of Pasta Armando. At 12.00 am, at a special show-cooking at Academy 2, Vallespluga presents an innovative product that will revolutionize how to prepare and enjoy the famous Galletto.

Those who missed previous appointments will be able to take advantage of the closing day on Thursday 11th to try again Giallozafferano's couscous, Nonna Clementina's pasta dough and Gorgonzola DOP recipes, now cooked by chef Diego Cravero, then enjoy the gourmet coffee of La Cafferia with Helena Oliviero, in French press version for the grand finale. At the FIPE Restaurant, the topics of the day are the art of reuse and the value of tradition.


Numbers, trends and exclusive insights

There are also more than 100 specialised appointments that present data, anticipate trends and analyse in depth current topics. Tomorrow, Tuesday 9th at 9.30 am, the talk will be about the impact of new consumer trends on raw materials and industrial processes in the meeting Italian made bakery interprets global trends organised by Casillo at the Casillo Lounge on the Ponte dei Mari, with the participation of representatives of, among others, AIDEPI, Gruppo Casillo, Barilla and Domino's Pizza. The first appointment of the meetings Focus on Perishables, organised at the Retail Plaza by SGMARKETING, is about Vegetables in consumer models, also for tomorrow, Tuesday 9th at 10 am: thanks to the presentation of the analysis conducted by SGMARKETING in recent months, consumer behaviour in relation to fruit and vegetables will be analysed, with a specific focus on fresh, processed and frozen vegetables. In the second part, the analysis will be updated by the experience of Auchan Retail Italia (with Davide Marcomin, Perishables Purchasing Manager), Carrefour (with Giovanni Panzeri, Director of Fresh Produce), Consorzio Coralis (with Eleonora Graffione, President), Coop Consorzio Nord Ovest (with Giuseppe Capaldo, Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chain Manager), Magazzini Gabrielli (with Vittorio De Santis, IV-V range Buyer).

From 10.30 am the Taurus Hall hosts the General Meeting of AssoBio, with speeches by Roberto Zanoni, Assobio President; Paolo Carnemolla, FederBio President; Nicola de Carne, Retailer Client Business Partner at Nielsen, who presents organic sales data in Mass Retail in the first quarter of 2017; and Riccardo Quintili, Director of the consumer monthly Il Salvagente who talks about VAT reduction on organic drinks replacing milk.

Other interesting figures and trends in the Commodity Agroindustriali workshop. Market forecast 2017/2018, organised by AIDEPI at 10.30 am at pav. 2 Kappa Hall 6: Experts from the Areté sector analyst illustrate the trends of individual commodities, from cereals to soy, to nuts. An iconic product under the spotlight at 1 pm at the UNAPROL Academy, pav. 6, A31 / E48 at the meeting EVO Oil and its extra-nutritional uses organized by UNAPROL and the Department of Health Sciences (DISS) of the La Statale University of Milan. Provocative title for the seminar organised by Brazzale at 2.30 pm at pav. 2 Kappa Hall 6, Made in Italy does not exist: transnational chains are discussed by Roberto Brazzale, Giancarlo Corò, professor at Ca' Foscari University in Venice; Giorgio Fidenato, President of the Association Agricoltori Federati; Alberto Mingardi, Director of the Inst. Bruno Leoni. Moderated by Francesco Cancellato, director of Linkiesta.

"Veg" and sustainable themed afternoon: at 1 pm in Corso Italia at the entrance of the pavs. 5/7, ANICAV-Associazione Nazionale Industriali Conserve Alimentari Vegetali presents Its majesty the peeled tomato, meeting on the Italian tomato crowned by chef's tastings chain Giulio Coppola, who will also aim for the record of world's largest ragout. A t2.30 pm meanwhile, in the Epsilon 5 Hall, the discussion will focus on Sustainable agriculture and nutrition, from protection to enhancement of top nutrients with Linfa SCar.l.

Wednesday 10th begins at 9.30 am in the Sagittarius Hall with a topic of great relevance such as religious food restrictions: Halal & Mass Retail: position of halal certified products in European and international mass distribution is the topic of the meeting organised by WHAD - World Halal Development, Halal Certification Body for Italy. Supporting a greater understanding of the sensitive subject of meat, comes the Specialised Seminar also organised by SG Marketing at the Retail Plaza at 10.00 am, Focus on Perishables - Meat and fish for the changing consumer, round table that will be hosted by Giovanni Panzeri, Director of Fresh Produce at Carrefour; Massimiliano Lazzari, Head of Department, Platforms, Documents, Innovation and Meat Assortment of Coop Italia; Duilio Ciardi, Red Meat Purchases Manager and Despar Aspiag Meat Technicians Manager; Flavio Zangirolami, Despar Aspiag Fish Department Area Manager; Gregorio Martelli, Purchasing Manager of Magazzini Gabrielli. Room for another hot subject such as free-from at 10:00 am in the Epsilon Hall 2 with the workshop the coeliac consumer, from challenge to opportunity, organised by AIC - Italian Coeliac Disease Association. AIDEPI also organises at 10.30 am at the LEM 1, the meeting The procedures for withdrawal/recall of non-compliant products and the new Health Information System, with the participation of the Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Health. At 2 pm at pav. 2 in the Epsilon Hall, the emerging subject of animal well-being is explored with Fattorie Osella, the first company to implement a regulation, in a talk-show where the debate is facilitated by, amongst others, the Councillor for Agriculture of the Piedmont Region Giorgio Ferrero and the Head of Food Division of CIWF - Compassion in World Farming Elisa Bianco.


Nutrition Space: science engages in a dialogue with chains

From the 8th to the 11th of May at the Stella Polare Convention Centre, within the TUTTOFOOD field, Nutrition Space is held, the most important event in Italy dedicated to popularising nutrition research. Organised by Akesios Group, the conference relies on the scientific support of six universities Milano Bicocca, IULM, Milano La Statale, Politecnico di Milano, Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Gastronomica di Pollenzo – and this year for the first time it can boast the patronage of the Ministry of Health. Each date is characterised by 4-5 main topics, dealt with throughout the day in a series of specialised speeches.

Today's topics on Monday the 8th are Using probiotics in all stages of life; Obesity: neglected disease; Weight loss and weight control; Food security: the role of the supply chain; Health city. From urban health to urban diabetes. Today the event also becomes a stage for the presentation of Nutrition is Health 2017, the national campaign for nutrition education for sports people and not, a project of FMSI - Italian Sports Medical Federation, addressed not only to athletes, but more generally to people doing sports.

At the centre of tomorrow's scene, on Tuesday the 9th, however, are Functional nutrition in the first year of life; Food behaviour disorders and the role of food education; Integration and health; Women’s health. Wednesday the 10th is the turn of Customized medicine from the fetus to the adult; Mediterranean diet; Gender nutrition and collective catering; Nutrition and recovery for performance; Successful aging. The event ends on Thursday, May 11th with Specialised nutrition and safety in the first 3 years of life; Nutrition and cancer; Role of nutrition in couple fertility (ENPAB conference); Dysbiosis and permeable bowel. Participation certificates give access to credits for continuing training of the sector operators.

Complete program and speaker list at


Seeds&Chips: the future’s agri-food lands at TUTTOFOOD

From the farm to the fork, and beyond. Is the philosophy of Seeds&Chips, the Global Food Innovation Summit that this year is held simultaneously with TUTTOFOOD on pavs. 8/12 of fieramilano. On Monday the 8th, technological and organizational innovation expressed at 11.30 am in Sala Italia, in the subject of Restaurant of the Future which is discussed by, among others, chef Davide Oldani and Almir Ambeskovic, Regional Manager Italy & Nordics of The Fork. At 1 pm in the Future Hall the opening convention takes place, with institutional guests such as the President of the Regional Council of Lombardy, Raffaele Cattaneo, and the European Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan.

Among the must-go events, on Tuesday the 9th, the special conference Inspire Power: Feeding the Cities is noteworthy, in the Future Hall at 10.00 am, with the Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala and emeritus professor of Columbia University Dickson Despommier. At 2pm, the keynote speech by former US President Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America, accompanied by his chef-counsellor at the White House Sam Kaas is definitely not to be missed. Climate changes in the spotlight on Wednesday 10th at 2 pm in the Food Hall with Climate Change and the Food System, a conference attended by, among others, Illy Caffè’s President Andrea Illy. The event ends on Thursday the 11th with the awarding of the Seeds&Chips Awards at 12.30 pm. Schedule updates are available at


The ACADEMY: specialised update with a global view

Great excitement in the ACADEMY, specialization areas within each sector. This year's novelty is the collaboration with the Cuochi Milano and Provincia Association, which makes these event spaces even more engaging, integrating courses, round-tables and data and trends presentations - there are over 150 events - with show-cooking and tasting moments.

Just to name a few, today Monday the 8th will be about tuna that becomes bresaola with Carlo Lafranceschina at ACADEMY 2 at 1 pm; about vegetable cuisine with Giulia Giunta and Stefano Broccoli at ACADEMY 4 at 1 pm; and, also at the ACADEMY 4 but at 2 pm, about pizza with ancient grains with Matteo Beretta.

Tomorrow Tuesday the 9th eyes focused on the free-from phenomenon with gluten-free lunch break at the bar offered by chef Marco Fraschini at 10.00 am at ACADEMY 4; also at 10.00 am, but at ACADEMY 5, the centre stage is taken by data and trends of Euromonitor in Trends in the European food service market by Derya Lawrence, Senior Analyst. And a growing segment like organic food cannot be overlooked in the Health and food meeting by SolleoneBio at ACADEMY 4 at 12.00 am; at 2 pm at ACADEMY 1 focus on Internationalisation Opportunities for dairy co-operatives with ACI and at 4 pm at ACADEMY 2 thoughts on labelling with ASSICA.

On Wednesday the 10th, from 10 am at ACADEMY 4, the most talented chefs of the free-from cuisine take part in The gluten-free cuisine star, thrilling gluten-free hot cuisine contest. At 3 pm at ACADEMY 1 a very hot topic in the retail world, packaging positioning – how to place packages to sell more – is discussed by Michele Bondani.

Grand ending on Thursday, May 11th: At 10.00 am at ACADEMY 2, ACI Agroalimentare returns with the prestigious Milkcoop Forum; in parallel with ACADEMY 4 from 10.00 am the exciting finals to the last frying pan shot of the contest The Gluten-Free Cuisine Star. A subject that is increasingly associated with food, sustainability, animates the debate Green and Blue Economy: production regions in the circular economy, curated by Giovanni Tumbiolo at ACADEMY 1 at 12.00 am.


Taste, innovation and knowledge continue this year even outside the fair, with the Week&Food events in the week of Milano Food City. For the complete Week&Food schedule:


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