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Jul 10 2017

Confidence in growth and seasonality boost consumption

We are seeing increasingly less ‘red’ in mass-market packaged food sales, an excellent indicator of food consumption.

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Jul 10 2017

Italian cold cuts scientifically proven to be good for us

If you were just starting to think that eating healthy meant giving up one of Italy’s most flavoursome specialities, then fear not: a recent all-Italian study has confirmed that moderate consumption of cold cuts does not increase the risk

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Jul 10 2017

New proposals from abroad to expand the ranges

Milan as a world-class stage for the world’s culinary companies and traditions. TUTTOFOOD as the perfect location to transform this visibility into business, owing to this year’s focus on mass market distribution and retail.

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Jul 10 2017

Italian agro-food takes off from Milan

Made in Italy was the true star of TUTTOFOOD 2017, owing to the multiplier effect generated by Week&Food and Milano Food City, which further spotlighted outstanding Italian regional cuisine.

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