Bees And Urban Gardens

Fiera Milano, Rho

Ethics and sustainability

Bees And Urban Gardens

Conapi Soc Coop Agricola

The "Bees and Urban Gardens" project was launched through the network of urban gardens, shared green places, which are a solid reality widespread in Italy and with the support of the beekeeping community. In the urban gardens that have been created in many Italian cities, bees are often welcome guests and through them, in addition to learning many of the many secret mechanisms of nature, it is possible to detect the presence of various contaminants present in the air and in the environment. .Through the analysis of bees and honey, we can check the health of the environment in which we live and the quality of the air we breathe. Through the project, the presence of 10 heavy metals and 400 pesticides, including glyphosate, is monitored by controlling the hives:

-verification of mortality -analysis of bees and fresh honey taken directly from the combs The project involves over 1,000,000 bees, dozens of volunteers and beekeepers.

Bees are excellent bioindicators and their presence, even in an urban environment, is useful for making important considerations on the state of health of city spaces. With careful observations and carrying out some laboratory analyzes, information on the health of the environment can be obtained within a radius of about 3 km.

The main objective is to encourage the formation of conscious active communities capable of making daily and long-term choices to safeguard everyone's health: we intend to demonstrate that, even starting from the communities that animate the Urban Gardens, change is possible.