Carta del Riso Riso Gallo

Fiera Milano, Rho

Ethics and sustainability

Carta del Riso Riso Gallo

Riso Gallo S.p.A.

Carta del Riso Riso Gallo is a pact between people and territories, which consists - in the first instance - in simple reminders for everyday good practices, that can however contribute significantly to meet the demand for sustainability as a key tool for the protection and enhancement of the territory and the environment. A goal that can be achieved only through a responsible and conscious approach, shared by all the actors in the supply chain: a "choice of field" for the benefit of the consumer, for the environment and for people, which is developed according to eight guidelines: Certification according to the international standard of sustainable agriculture 1. Certification according to the international standard of sustainable agriculture FSA of SAI platform; 2. Implementation of actions to preserve soil fertility; 3. Choice of more performing varieties identified together with Riso Gallo through specific studies (eg: LCA) in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; 4. Use of certified Italian seed as well as "No GMO"; 5. Prohibition of the use of sludge in rice fields; 6. Prohibition of the use of glyphosate on the crop; 7. Traceability from cultivation to distribution; 8. Training and continuous updating on agronomic and food safety practices "Carta Del Riso", which is part of the broader sustainability program undertaken by the company, focuses on agronomic aspects, but also includes measures that have a direct impact on the protection of the territory, the environment and the people who work there. It represents a "pact" that Riso Gallo intends to make in the first instance with the key operators in the supply chain, namely the farmers.

In turn, it is part of a wider project: Riso Gallo, in fact, is committed to moving, for a progressively more significant share of its production, from a perspective of "sustainable rice" to one of "rice that sustains", capable, that is, starting from the care of the environment and the territory, to go beyond the agricultural sphere, widening its gaze upstream, namely to the selection of raw materials and the welfare of workers in the chain.

Particularly relevant in this sense, becomes the eighth point of the "Charter", for which Riso Gallo is committed to providing farms with tools to improve biodiversity, reduce water pollution and rationalization of technical means through the use of satellite technology, all to the benefit of both the environment and the welfare of local communities, for an interconnected system, seen as environmental, cultural and human heritage of our country.