Discovering the ancient wheat Senatore Cappelli

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Discovering the ancient wheat Senatore Cappelli

Zini Prodotti Alimentari Spa

Viaggio alla scoperta del grano antico Senatore Cappelli project was born from a meeting between the Zini Pasta Factory and Azienda Agricola Dornetti Angelo E Modesto S.S. in January 2021, with the aim of creating an agreement between the two companies belonging to the same territory (Cesano Boscone).

The collaboration between Zini and Azienda Agricola Dornetti provides for the sowing (which took place in January 2021) of one of the most renowned Italian grains, the ancient wheat Senatore Cappelli, and production (September 2021) of fresh and quick-frozen whole-wheat pasta obtained from wheat flour harvested. This project promotes the production and distribution of "Km0" wheat-based products, a 100% Italian supply chain and the export to the world of the Made in Italy culture. In addition, the correct and healthy diet is also encouraged: the ancient wheat Senator Cappelli, in fact, is known to be rich in fiber, have a higher protein ratio and less gluten than conventional durum wheat.