Icam Chocolate Uganda Ltd.

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Icam Chocolate Uganda Ltd.

ICAM Chocolate Uganda Ltd.

Confirming our ongoing commitment to the research and development of high quality cocoa, ICAM has brought an important contribution of expertise and experience directly to the heart of Africa. In 2010 in the Ugandan district of Bundibugyo, ICAM founded a company to support the cultivation and harvesting process of the cocoa offered by these mountainous lands: ICAM Chocolate Uganda Ltd. Through the construction of an advanced collection centre supported by the most modern agronomic techniques, local farmers have been able to improve yields. This makes the plantations more profitable, thus reducing the risk of loss and raising the intrinsic quality of this cocoa. Ugandan workers welcomed the cocoa fermentation and drying centre as a helpful addition to their daily work: today these growers feel and experience this collection centre as their own.

The project by ICAM has led to a growth of the entire area and has driven the socio-economic development of the local community. Benefits include guaranteeing minimum earnings to farmers, monitoring and limiting the risks related to the variability of work, offering school assistance and health support programmes for families in the villages of the district. The quality of all Ugandan cocoa has significantly improved in the last 4 years, and today the cocoa from the "Pearl of Africa" ​​has become one of the best in the African continent. At the beginning of 2018 this production achieved ORGANIC certification.