Almonds coated with truffle juice

Fiera Milano, Rho

Innovation award

Almonds coated with truffle juice

Tartuflanghe Srl

Since 1975 Tartuflanghe has been contributing to the development of gastronomic creativity through innovative recipes that visualize the flavors of the future. Our Research & Development team works closely with state-of-the-art cuisine, collaborating with the best international chefs to develop innovative recipes dedicated to HoReCa, Department Stores and specialized shops. This continuous experimentation helps us "invent" upcoming trends: visionary flavors of the future in functional, practical and contemporary forms that are meant for everyone.

The experience gained in the processing of truffles and its use in recipes that can understand and go beyond tradition are the foundation for Tartuflanghe's "democratic" revolution. Dried fruits with summer truffle bring out the essence of flavor to the everyday table: truffles are truly for everyone. Delicate almonds covered with a thin layer of truffle juice. Not a simple salted snack: our unique manufacturing process gives the product a special crunchy texture and an uniform salting. Ideal for Happy Hour. Great on salads and to enrich your dishes.