Altamura Bruschetta

Fiera Milano, Rho

Innovation award

Altamura Bruschetta

PanBiscò Srlu

Excellent substitute for bread, the "first" and "original" Ready Bruschetta of Altamura ( famous for its PDO bread), produced with re-milled durum wheat semolina and seasoned with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt and oregan. Hand made and Baked in the Oven. Product conceived and created by Mr. Luigi Picerno (Owner of PanBiscò and President of the Bread of Altamura PDO Consortium). 

Bruschetta was a typical dish of the Apulian farmers and was made by heating a slice of bread on the embers of the house fireplace, and then seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomato, a pinch of salt and oregan, rubbing on the same a clove of garlic .

Tradition never lost in Apulia region and beyond. After the success of Bruschetta, PanBiscò wanted to re-propose this fantastic product, keeping the tradition unchanged, and providing a healthy product, ready to be used on the consumer's tables, starting from the typical Apulian bread that the whole world envies us. Produced exclusively by PanBiscò, the Bruschetta di Altamura, during the last year, has achieved resounding successes thanks above all to the exponential growth of sales, in the major signs of DO, GDO and in Normal Trade.