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Appeaty is an innovative smartphone application that integrates ordering for table service, pick up, and food delivery. It simplifies the managing and accounting requirements for both the restaurant owner and the customer, as well as for corporate accounts, with fast and unified management of table reservations, ordering, payments, and tax receipts. Appeaty is efficient because the advance knowledge of customers' orders and arrival times allows for optimization of kitchen management and speeding up service. Appeaty is ecological because taking orders, payment, and tax receipts are done electronically, eliminating the use of paper chemicals and providing a magnificent green return for our planet.

Appeaty is customizable, since thanks to its intuitive interface, it allows the display of different menus depending on the day and time, and for dishes to be enhanced by inserting descriptions, photos, and ingredients used. Appeaty is reliable because the reviews cannot be falsified.

Only customers who have placed an order with Appeaty can review the restaurant and the individual products they ordered. 70% of clients find helpful to see menu in advance and pay with their smartphone and 88% of restaurants is considering swapping to digital menus. With pandemic over 1 billion people ordered meals with an app, digital is the present standard but cognitive is the next future and Appeaty is the technology to innovate foodlovers' dining experience, providing them exactly what they want when they need.