Eggplants Norma Sauce With Salted Ricotta Cheese

Fiera Milano, Rho

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Eggplants Norma Sauce With Salted Ricotta Cheese

Campo d'Oro Srl

The Sugo alla Norma Campo d'Oro with Sicilian Ricotta Cheese is one of the most typical recipes of the Sicilian culinary tradition, it is a sauce made with freshly picked tomatoes, diced full-bodied aubergines, and a rich sprinkling of Sicilian Salted Ricotta Cheese, a fresh, creamy, sweet, aromatic and enveloping sauce, bright red in color with sweet salty veins of Sicilian ricotta, which give our sauce character, freshness and creaminess.

Ideal for a good plate of pasta, to flavor roasts, and to give character to fish-based dishes. A sauce with a unique flavor, much loved and appreciated all over the world by gourmet lovers or by those who want to indulge in the true taste of the Sicilian land on the table.