Frascheri Arianna

Fiera Milano, Rho

Innovation award

Frascheri Arianna

Frascheri S.p.A.

Frascheri lactose-free UHT Arianna Cream is the right answer for all professionals wishing to respond to the market's latest demands. Thanks to latest-generation production plants, this is a high-performance cream for the formulation of products suitable for all lactose-intolerant consumers.

What's more, its UHT treatment gives it a shelf life of 180 days from production date. This "lactose-free" cream is ideal for those who normally give up milk and dairy products, because they can not digest the sugar naturally present (lactose). All those who are lactose intolerant, therefore, can consume this highly digestible cream, in which lactose is almost completely split into its two constituent sugars, glucose and galactose, easily assimilated. Available in 1000 ml Tetra Brik Base packs for safety, hygiene and convenience.