Oat hearts

Fiera Milano, Rho

Innovation award

Oat hearts

Molino Nicoli Spa

Oat hearts are heart-shaped cereals, rich in oat beta-glucans, which help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels, avoid glycemic peaks, and are also rich in fibre. 

Our oat hearts are organic and allergen-free, which means that we guarantee the absence of 14 main allergens recognized by efsa, it makes this product the purest and safety one for everybody. 

The oat it's the main raw material, we guarantee the controlled supply chain of oats from the field to the table, to avoid the cross-contamination during the whole production process.  You can try them at breakfast with yogurt for a healthy, energetic, and tasty breakfast. You can also use them as a tasty ingredient for salads and crispy breadcrumbs.