Tocco d'Oro - Gran Sugo e Gran Pesto

Fiera Milano, Rho

Innovation award

Tocco d'Oro - Gran Sugo e Gran Pesto

Risalto Food Srl

In January 2021 we have introduced a new line of IQF ready sauces in drops, brand "Tocco d'Oro".

At the moment, we propose 8 great classics of Italian cuisine:

_ Gran Pesto alla Genovese

_ Gran Pesto alla Genovese (without garlic)

_ Gran Pesto Rosso

_ Gran Sugo ai Funghi Porcini

_ Gran Sugo all'Amatriciana

_ Gran Sugo alla Carbonara

_ Gran Sugo Cacio e Pepe

_ Gran Sugo al Radicchio e Speck

Our products are aimed not only for private consumer but also at large organized distribution and Horeca channel. We have created two specific packs: An elegant case with a microwaveable bag for the large organized distribution (140g or 200g depending on the reference) and a simple microwaveable bag for the Horeca channel. The philosophy of our company is to create recipes with Italian excellent quality ingredients such as fresh Italian basil and Pecorino Romano DOP for example in "Pesto alla Genovese" or the fresh radicchio in Radicchio and Speck sauce.

We are able to produce industrial volume while keeping hand-made productive method and also respects all steps of traditional Italian cuisine. We believe in deep-frozen technology because guarantee wholesomeness of products, avoiding the addition of preservatives. All our products can be prepared in a few minutes, both in the pan and in the microwave (except the pesto which only needs to be defrosted). Our product is deep-frozen in drops of about 10 gr each so the cost of the portion can be easily calculated for a professional user and for the private consumer can freely decide how many "drops" is his ideal portion avoid defrosting all product. It's very practical to use and allow reduction of waste; furthermore, we do not neglect respect for the environment as our packs are all completely recyclable. Recently, we are certified IFS (International Food Standard) with higher level.