Fusilli lunghi col buco

Fiera Milano, Rho

Packaging award

Fusilli lunghi col buco

Pastificio Dei Campi Spa

The packaging of the Pastificio dei Campi was created keeping in mind the concept behind the design of sex, that of functional beauty. The need to combine sturdiness, stackability, ease of storage, recognition and above all storytelling, led the company to choose a cubic case that would enclose like a casket what it wants to position itself on the market as the best pasta ever. Each case consists of 4 parts. A red tray made of totally recyclable food cardboard, die-cut and then hand-modeled in the company, before packaging.

A cardboard band with cellophane windows to make the pasta contained inside visible, on the upper and lower faces of which black and white photos are printed depicting the entire supply chain and the company's actors, from fields to production, passing through the historical city ​​of Gragnano which since 2014 has given the IGP recognition to this product.

A closing red band that shows the name of the format, the relative cooking times, the nutritional information, the production lot and the expiry date with which the entire supply chain can be traced through the TotalTrackingSystem® traceability system A label with the indications of the production site and the hologram of the 100% Made in Italy certification. The parallelepiped shape allows easy display, without the need for supports or displays. The sliding opening allows perfect closure after use.