Rustic Anchovy fillets in organic extravirgin olive oil

Fiera Milano, Rho

Packaging award

Rustic Anchovy fillets in organic extravirgin olive oil

Calabraittica S.n.c.

Fish Different is the concept of eco-sustainability applied to fishing products. All fishing methods are selective and respectful of marine equilibrium. Friend of the sea certifies and support us as one of the main international schemes for sustainable certification according to the strict criteria established by fao. Our fish comes from the italian seas, caught with the "Lampara" and the "Cianciolo", a typical technique practiced in southern Italy, employing small vessels equipped with floating lamps and purse seines.

The light of the lampara attracts only the herds of anchovies nearby, resulting in a sustainable impact on other species and the marine ecosystem. The net (cianciolo) does not touch the bottom and does not damage the seabed like trawl nets. The small number and size of these small vessels promises a sustainable and reduced harvesting of fish resources.

This traditional technique guarantees a high quality catch, as fish does not undergo mechanical and handling stress. Fish different also means 100% italian certified organic ingredients, such as organic extra virgin olive oil, organic spices and herbs. It does not contain any chemical additives or preservatives. All fish is entirely processed and packaged in our facility.