Teca Pasta d'Amare

Fiera Milano, Rho

Packaging award

Teca Pasta d'Amare

La Pasta Di Aldo Srl

TECA Pasta D'AMARE is designed to present the loose product and consists of an elegant transparent container absolutely suitable for food contact. This refined casket made of Plexiglas and wooden finishes allows you to display the product in the gastronomy department, the sale takes necessarily place in an assisted form, since it is the operator who weighs and labels the product.

The TECA Kit also includes the supply of boxes in corrugated vegetable paper for retail sale. This practical system offers several advantages: greater respect for the environment because the polyolefin film used in sealed packages intended for sale on the shelf is eliminated, reduction of primary and secondary packaging, the possibility of purchasing exactly the amount of product you need.