Tiramisu With Ladyfingers Biscuits 500g/17,64oz - Ecofriendly Paper Packaging

Fiera Milano, Rho

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Tiramisu With Ladyfingers Biscuits 500g/17,64oz - Ecofriendly Paper Packaging

Dolceria Alba S.p.A.

The classic Italian tiramisu with a double layer of ladyfingers biscuits drenched with coffee and dipped in a mouth-watering cream of zabaione and mascarpone. Dolceria Alba shares the global need to reduce plastic consumption, so has decided to review its assortment developing a new type of paper packaging. This choice will lead to a reduction in packaging material, reducing the use of plastic by up to 70%. For this reason its classic Tiramisu is now served in a paper tray with reclosable lid and customizable cardboard sleeve.

The chosen material is corrugated cardboard, made of pure cellulose paper and internally coated with thin layer of plastic film that performs a barrier effect.The new tubs are also available with FSC certified paper. The new packaging is recyclable with paper, as demonstrated by the tests carried out according to the ATICELCA 501/19 EVALUATION SYSTEM (level A). The new packaging does not affect the serving instruction or the product shelf-life, as demonstrated by the numerous tests conducted (internally or through accredited laboratories).

The new materials do not compromise the products quality. Tests were carried out to verify that the materials had no undesirable effects on the organoleptic characteristics. Dolceria Alba carefully assessed the tightness of the packaging during transport operations, during storage at -18 °C and during the domestic consumption phase. The assessments are supported by tests carried out at accredited laboratories with proven experience in the sector. The packaging materials reduction has led to an optimization of transport, obtaining less bulky packages, both as regards the purchasing units and the sales units.