Organic Legumes line


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Organic Legumes line

HDS spa / D'Amico

D'Amico renews its Organic Legumes line by submitting four new references only into glass jar: Altamura P.G.I. Lentils, White Chick-Peas of Murgia, Piemonte White Beans and Piemonte Borlotti Beans available in the size 310g.Legumes from the best agricoltural areas and produced by 100% italian channelled system. The Organic Legumes Line encloses our love for nature thanks to simple, genuine and tasty products.Organic Certification to guarantee the conformity of products obtained by using an organic system at all stages in the chain, from farm to fork.D'Amico offers premium products with high value added. Packaging aims to be recognizable on the shelf in the context of healthy, innovative, organic and substainable nutrition.