The Cultivars' Garden. The "juice" of sustainability


Fiera Milano, Rho

Ethics and sustainability

The Cultivars' Garden. The "juice" of sustainability


The project was created with the intention of sharing with the youngest members of the community, at school and pre-school stages, the knowledge of the plant and the cultivation of the olive tree and the production of extra virgin olive oil, as a synonym and demonstration of themes such as: culture of the territory, wellbeing, sustainability, respect for oneself and one's neighbour, diversity, collaboration. Through the knowledge first of the plant and the diversity of production in the field, and then sensory in the tasting room, the children are stimulated to learn about a product that belongs to the traditional, economic and social heritage in which they live; they are encouraged to use their senses to appreciate its qualities and understand the professionalism that produced it; they are encouraged to give voice to their own tastes and abilities; they recognise the value of diversity and sharing; they perceive and appreciate the work and longevity of the plant and the man for it; they grasp the virtuous cycle of working waste and their contribution to what they see during the visit, and feel as each one can help to donate it to posterity (as did those who came before them in the garden/field in which they are); finally, they seek, without any mistrust or reticence (if any), the pleasure of eating in a simple, tasty and healthy way.