Granoro Dedicato Spaghetti Quadrati


Fiera Milano, Rho

Packaging award

Granoro Dedicato Spaghetti Quadrati


The new phase of a long history. Simplicity that becomes art, the taste for the material component, the craftsmanship are the basis of the new language of Granoro, starting from the packaging system of the Dedicato Line. The new packs are characterized by elegance, attention to detail and a refined lightness: values ​​through which Granoro aims to communicate its pasta as a simple and common product which, thanks to experience, innovation and the excellence of Granoro's own raw materials, it becomes a masterpiece of flavour. The new packaging system The new packs have a minimal structure that draws inspiration from the territory from which Granoro pasta is born. Far from clichés, Puglia becomes a land that preserves its traditional elements, but reinterprets them with a visual approach with a markedly contemporary taste. The new palette is made up of soft and refined colors that are distinguished by a materiality that evokes the quicklime walls typical of Puglia. An ear, the natural element from which everything starts, has a central role in the visual system and embellishes it with its refined simplicity. A transparent window shows the product inside the pack, while the Granoro logo – after a graphic restyling which also affected the font used – stands out in the upper part of the pack. The lower part of the pack is occupied by a band containing the new line claim.