PartySnack Easy & Quick


Fiera Milano, Rho

Packaging award

PartySnack Easy & Quick

SINISI srl / Sinisi dal 1950

PartySnack Easy & Quick The PartySnack cap variant was created to offer the consumer a reversible snack that can be eaten in any situation. Are you travelling? Are you organizing a party? Do you need a break from study or work? PartySnack is the solution! It gives you a break full of flavor without sacrificing freshness and crunchiness thanks to the resealable film that allows you to open and close the package while maintaining the same quality at any time. Don't you want it anymore? Close it and consume it when and where you want. In addition to the resealing technology, Sinisi created PartySnack to minimize the plastic emission; In fact, thanks to the license n. 11446-0002 issued by Aticelca, it is certified that PartySnack can be recycled with paper. INFORMATION PartySnack Easy & Quick, reports on the packaging all the legible and complete information necessary for the consumer; The cup contains the information of: - disposal, - storage, - place where it is produced and packaged, - Sinisi logo, - PartySnack logo. On the closing film there are informations on: - Product type, - net weight, - ingredients, - allergens, - the nutritional table, - the production batch, - the origin of the raw material, - the shelf life, - the barcode, - the instructions for opening the package. It is an easily recognizable product on the shelf, thanks to the clearly visible logo and the colour, Sinisi also focuses a lot on the transparency of the product, in fact, in addition to the transparent closing film, a window has been inserted which allows you to clearly see the product used.