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Packaging award

Antonio Marras In Conversation With Galateo&friends - Evoo Taggiasca &balsamic Vinegar Of Modena

Casa Olearia Taggiasca Srl

Our project Food for Fashion keeps going and has just grown richer with a new prestigious partnership. With this edition we had the honor to see in action Antonio Marras, one of the most gifted and creative italian fashion designers, worldwide known for his eclectic artworks influenced by his sardenian roots. Antonio enjoyed himself designing for Galateo&Friends a duo of extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.

He did it passionately, with an enthusiasm which shows a deep bond with the italian food. Both the bottles and the giftbox reveal one of Marras most appreciated traits: the iconic female profile, his forever signature. The core idea was to mix components profoundly different from one another like food, design and fashion, in order to create a stylistic overall synergy, an authentic Galateo Signature.