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Packaging award

Artisan pulses flours

Martino Rossi Spa

In a landscape that is increasingly sensitive to sustainability issues, food packaging plays a central role for consumers, who demand more and more recyclable materials and pay more attention to the composition of the packaging of the products they buy. MartinoRossi has always been very attentive to the environmental impact of its business, at every stage, starting from the adoption of innovative and sustainable cultivation techniques, to the development of a reforestation project aimed at offsetting the CO2 emissions due to the delivery of the orders received, up to the responsible choice of materials used to make the packaging of its products. In fact, the 250g Artisan Pulses Flour packagings are all made from 100% recyclable paper. Their clean and simple graphics communicate clearly and immediately the characteristics of the product and the main uses tips. The ATM packaging method also ensures that all the nutritional characteristics of the product are well maintained.