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Packaging award

Basmati rice from sustainable agriculture

Riso Gallo S.p.A.

The first and only Basmati Rice from sustainable agriculture, certified SRP (Sustainable Rice Platform), the result of supply chain agreements and coming from the slopes of the Himalayas. Characterized by the unmistakable aroma of sandalwood, it is now among the best known and appreciated varieties in the world. Moreover, thanks to the capacity of its tapered grains to remain always well detached, Basmati is ideal as an accompaniment to a meal or for every kind of side dish and salad. Basmati Gallo is packaged with techniques that minimize environmental impact: in fact, the packaging is done in a protective atmosphere, which guarantees the highest quality, reducing the use of energy; the inner plastic bag is 100% recyclable; the cardboard used is FSC certified, to protect responsible forest management.