Fiera Milano, Rho

Packaging award

Mini "Soffietti" Pop Snack Vitapop. 4 Flavours: Corn, Wholewheat, Cheese And Pepper, Chili.

Vitavigor srl

The aim of the project was to offer a complete line of snacks / bread substitutes, innovative in the shape of the product, in the recipes and in the packaging. We studied a solution for the packaging that could guarantee the high performance of plastic films in terms of product conservation, runnability, welding, ease of use, marketing and aesthetics, with the reduction of the environmental impact. The result of our research is a coupled film in paper and high barrier PPL that allows to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the product but at the same time is recyclable in the paper collection. Furthermore, the transparent window on the front allows the consumer to directly appreciate the product, and the printed paper gives an allure of craftsmanship and authenticity to the product. The packaging has obtained the ATICELCA certification of recyclability in paper.