Fiera Milano, Rho

Packaging award

Naty's organic, ecological and artisanal fruit juices

Natys srl

The flag line of the historic Milanese company continues to follow the path of a natural evolution; Naty's juices have not only become organic, but come from an artisan process composed of small productions that start from the fruit recently harvested, thus transforming the juice into fruit (not from concentrate) to drink thanks to a delicate processing. Image curated by creative designer Nausicaa Dalla Torre from Milano, who supported the company's marketing for a result studied at 360 ° both in aesthetic and functional terms: the pack is designed both for the optimal storage of fruit, in a 200 ml glass bottle, and for the ecological impact of the same, with label and packaging in paper and cardboard, for a completely plastic free result: a return to the origins, genuineness and respectful and sustainable impact with the environment. Pastry shops, large hotels and cocktail bars: the locals who choose the products of this company have always pursued the values of distinction, quality and Italianness; the target therefore remains the conscious consumer, for a line that simply evolves with it and its needs.