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Rustì Arrosticini Collection - Arrosticini sheep

Rustì Arrosticini

The goal of this pack is to bring the arrosticino inside the home and make it usable where you want and when you want thanks to I.Q.F. The arrosticino is a typical dish of the Abruzzo tradition, always made with sheep meat. Thanks to the use of cryogenic technology, the cold quickly penetrates the meat, each portion of the product is frozen individually, thus avoiding the formation of macro crystals. At the end of the process, separate portions are obtained from each other, this allows you to easily take the necessary number of kebabs from the package, increasing practicality and reducing waste. Cryogenic freezing, compared to other food preservation technologies, is the solution which guarantees: a better conservation of the original quality, a longer shelf life. It allows to maintain the organoleptic qualities of the food substantially unchanged. The packaging is made of cardboard and houses 10 arrosticini inside. Its opening and closing are facilitated by the die. The pack is reusable.