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Packaging award

Salera Collection

Azienda Agricola Salera Pierluigi

Salera products, and in this case rice and flours, have always been distinguished by the search for quality, for ethical production, attentive to nature and authenticity, which leads to a truly healthy and tasty product, like those of the past. The rice, cultivated in the Ticino Park, has been selected among the best in Italy by Gambero Rosso and is also used by the Italian National Chefs. This uniqueness is due to the soil and the careful processing. The soils in the Ticino Park have a unique granularity, so much so that legend has it that at the beginning of the last century an old owner mixed Nile silt with it. As for the processing, the husking of the grains is stone, the selection is set on 0% breakage and all the rice is aged in tempered silos, to ensure a rice out of the ordinary and perfect risottos. The flours are all obtained from ancient corn, some of which, such as the Grizz variety, rediscovered and enhanced by Salera. The cobs are small, but rich in flavor. Here, too, the focus is on quality rather than quantity. All flours are stone-ground and also contain the germ of the grain, which is excellent for both taste and health. Finally, the supply chain is very short: it is the Salera family that does everything, from sowing to shipping to stores: really from the producer to the consumer. The product was sold in classic plastic bags, which even though they were carefully designed, were not able to convey to an occasional buyer all that we have told you. In fact, while the restaurant market was growing steadily, the retail market needed an extra push. The idea was to create a package capable of conveying the above at first glance. First of all, we chose to switch to tin, which is better at preserving the aromas of the products and is also excellent for conveying the concept of precious and linked to the tradition of the past, as opposed to a plastic bag that "makes industry". In order to convey the concept of craftsmanship, of being made with art, of being genuine and Made in Italy, we chose to call upon young Italian excellences in the field of illustration, capable of narrating in a series of "doodles", small illustrations, the values contained in the packaging. These illustrations as a whole had to convey an idea, a feeling, and lead the customer to be interested in the vase and its contents. We wanted the jars to have little works of art on the outside... and inside! That's why we asked the artists to sign the works and we titled the explanatory text with "The Art of Rice" and "The Art of Flour". Finally the tradition, all the Salera production was born from a man skilled in cultivating the land and in the relationship with people: Giancarlino Salera. This man still today, together with his sons, manages and works in the family business. Giancarlino is a real character, one of those of the past, with an easily recognizable look with his beard and his long white hair, with his ever-present shirts and wide-brimmed hats. A figure that cannot be forgotten once known, and can never be mistaken, so much so that even the famous Marco Ferrigno made a statuette of him for the legendary Neapolitan nativity scene! And, as the artists signed their works, so Salera signs the entire Salera Collection.