Green Pass: leveraging open innovation for good

Fiera Milano, Rho

Green Pass: leveraging open innovation for good

10/24/21 h 10:30 - 11:30

Made in Italy is a powerful brand that is a synonym for excellence. It provides consumers with the guarantee of its origin and the quality of its products. For a long time, the value of the “Made in Italy” brand granted prosperity in the markets but, changing consumer behaviors and the introduction of new regulations that focus on sustainability and environmental problems might change all that. In response to increased pressure, agrifood players are constantly rethinking products and processes to adapt to market expectations and remain competitive. Innovation and sustainability have thus become critical for their survival. For Made in Italy products, innovation can make the difference between staying ahead of the curve and becoming a thing of the past.


Contrary to popular belief, Italian companies, small and large, cannot by themselves overcome these challenges. Instead, institutions, enablers, investors, innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs must converge within a same collaborative space and communicate with each other to provide adequate support.


Meanwhile, open innovation initiatives led by Italian corporations across the boot have generated encouraging results. What have we learned from these experiences and what remains to be done?





Giacomo Fanin, Business Development Manager, Cereal Docks Group
Alessandro Annovi, Innovation and Strategy Manager, CIRFOOD
Alessandro Fusco, Education Lead, Future Food Institute
Marco Fregonese, Chairman, CEO & Co-founder, VINHOOD
Marco Gaiani, Founder & Fund Manager, Linfa

Moderator: Sharon Cittone, CEO, Edible Planet Ventures