A trip through the ancient grain Senatore Cappelli

Fiera Milano, Rho

A trip through the ancient grain Senatore Cappelli

10/22/21 h 13:30 - 14:30

Could you find a a better way to start over than with a seed? This is what Zini has chosen with the new project that talks about local ancient grains.


This project enhances small local realities for a more conscious and sustainable production, faithful to its values and respecting the territory and its resources.


This initiative comes from a moment of reflection: looking for an opportunity in the crisis, Zini wanted to rethink production by enhancing the local territory as much as possible. It did so by building a real network with neighboring companies, each specialized in a different activity, and giving life to a project in which everyone is an actor and therefore personally involved.


Zini chose Dornetti farm in Cesano Boscone to sow 8-hectares field with the ancient grain Senatore Cappelli to produce 200 quintals of semolina, which turned into 250 quintals of linguine and gnocchi.


Zini took the field challenging the January frost to start the first activity of the path at the beginning of the year, sowing, and controlled every subsequent phase, from growth to harvest, which also involved the smallest actors of Cesano community: children.


A choice that comes from the need to do even more for the territory and to create genuine, clean label products, using only the ingredients that are needed, as evidenced by the studies carried out together with the University of Milan.


Gnocchi will be sold in 100% compostable packages to complete the cycle of a project that talks about environment and authentic values, often forgotten.