Casual Dining and New Food Retail Formats

Fiera Milano, Rho

Casual Dining and New Food Retail Formats

10/24/21 h 10:30 - 11:30

The world of commercial catering has evolved considerably in recent years. Different formats of 'casual dining' have enriched the offering in our cities and during the pandemic some have also established themselves in the take-away and home service modes. Shopping centres and organised distribution have also welcomed many of these new brands, helping to increase their awareness and reputation. What are the future scenarios for this sector? How do these formats dialogue with more traditional retail and consumer spaces? How are people's expectations, desires and needs with regard to food evolving?



Giuseppe Stigliano
Global CEO, Spring Studios and Professor of Retail Marketing Innovation




Cris Nulli, Founder, Appetite for Disruption and General Manager, LIVENow

Tunde Pecsvari, Founder and CEO, Macha

Vittoria Zanetti, Co-founder and Executive Director, Poke House