Healthy Food - Happy Customers

Fiera Milano, Rho

Healthy Food - Happy Customers

10/24/21 h 15:30 - 16:30

From the focus on pre-covid healthiness we have moved on to the need to put "health" in the shopping trolley, the search for wellness is no longer enough: today, the goal is "happiness". New priorities have made their way into the consumer's mind, others are already present but quietly at the forefront. There is a hunger for information, as well as healthy food at a convenient price: what role does retail play in this context? How is distribution moving to encourage healthy (and fair) eating? This is the topic we will be discussing with an #all-female panel from the world of food retail. 



Cristina LazzatiEditor-in-chief, Mark UP and Gdoweek    



Alessandra CorsiChief Category Officer, Conad.

Dominga Fragassi, Head of Marketing and Corporate Marketing, Pam Panorama 

Eleonora Graffione, PresidentCoralis    

Elena Presezzi, Senior Consultant, Eumetra