The Future of Food Delivery

Fiera Milano, Rho


Giuseppe Stigliano

Global CEO, Spring Studios and Professor of Retail Marketing Innovation

Entrepreneur, manager, keynote speaker and lecturer at several international universities and business schools. In his role as CEO of Wunderman Thompson, he is tasked with leading a team of over 200 talented individuals with expertise spanning business strategy, creativity, technology and data. Prior to his current position, he worked in the global innovation company AKQA as Executive Director Europe and led the WPP team dedicated to the FCA group in EMEA. He previously co-founded two startups and earned a PhD in Economics and Marketing, studying between the US and Europe. Stigliano is co-author with international guru Philip Kotler of the texts: Retail 4.0 - 10 Regole per l'Era Digitale (Mondadori, 2018), already translated into six languages with over 25,000 copies; and Onlife Fashion - 10 regole per un mondo senza regole (Kotler, Pozzoli, Stigliano, Hoepli, 2021). As keynote speaker and moderator, Stigliano is considered an authoritative voice on topics such as digital transformation and business innovation, leadership, retail marketing and fashion marketing.


Alberto Dolcetta

Commercial Director, Glovo Italia

Commercial Director of Glovo Italy since February 2021, Alberto leads the development of Glovo’s partners network in Italy. Graduated in Strategic Management at Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands, he started his career in Vodafone where he has held growing responsibilities up to Head of Commercial for the Partnership Segment of Vodafone UK. Alberto is married and has a son aged one and a half, Luca.

Matteo Sarzana

General Manager, Deliveroo Italy and President, Assodelivery

Matteo currently serves as General Manager of Deliveroo’, the London based food delivery startup he launched in Italy in September 2015. Over the past 6 years, Deliveroo has launched more than 500 cities and employees more than 120 people in Milan and Rome. Before delivering pizzas, Matteo managed the 350k creatives part of the Zooppa online community, producing crowdsourced contents for the most important brands in Europe. Matteo started his professional career in WPP in 2003 and launched VML, a US based digital agency part of WPP, in Italy in 2008, growing it from 0 to 4.5mio in revenue over 4 years. Besides work, he enjoys doing keynote speeches for the most important brands and events in Italy and talking about startups. He wrote a book "App Economy", which is the first publication in Italy about the power of mobile based app economy. "A mistake is always worthier than never having tried".