Redesign the future of retail by Salone Franchising Milano

Fiera Milano, Rho


Luigi dell’Olio

Luigi Dell’Olio, Professional Journalist, La Repubblica/Private


Federico Capeci

Managing Director, Kantar Italy

How different generations face food trends. Food is impacted by a series of trends that are crossing throughout Europe: the search for naturality, the seek of well-being, the affinity with near products, the interest in the supply chain ecosystem, the new conviviality and different perspectives of experimentation. But how will the different generations, from the youngest to the most mature, react to these trends? Each generation owns a proper set of values and peculiarities that manifest in a vision of the world and of food. This is why it is particularly interesting to understand the dynamics that we could expect between the different generations and how they will experiement and approach the new food trends.

Barbara Cimmino

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Yamamay

The creation of the community as a push for sustainability for retail chains. The drive for sustainability must fuel a virtuous process in which interest in responsible customer engagement plays a central role for retail chains. The creation of a relevant community becomes the main goal of retail companies along with growth and profit: the stringer the community, the stronger the brand equity.

Stefano Cigarini

Ceo, Cinecittà World, Fico Eataly World

The future of retail: experiential shopping. How fun can enrich the shopping experience. Outlet, Shopping Mall and retail stores in general are increasingly struggling to reach their goals. The sector records decreases in visitors and average spending, while marketing and client acquisition costs are rising. While the competition gets harder and e-commerce drives clients from the physical stores, new digital only models appear and compete for the spare time of visitors. How should we fight this potential decline? One possible solution comes from location based entertainment: how to transform shopping into an experience, clients into guests, simple buying goods into immersive engaging activities, in short how to make it fun! We’ll analyze, with some Italian and international examples (such as Dream Island - theme park and shopping mall in Moscow-, or Fico Eataly World –food theme park-) the new formats of retailment that matches together entertainment and retail.

Marta Mincuzzi

Principal Advisory, Jakala

Next Retail: the key drivers of the transformation. Key drivers to address growth and transformation strategies in the current retail context.