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Fiera Milano, Rho

Molly Sears-Piccavey

Molly Sears-Piccavey has been passionate about Mediterranean Food and Culture since moving to Spain in 1998. Sharing her insights since 2011 on her blog and social media channels. Molly works as Freelance Marketing Specialist and Consultant in the tourism & hospitality industry. Travelling around Italy, Spain and Portugal to find local flavours and culinary traditions is one of her main motivations to travel.

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TUTTOFOOD Milano world food exhibition – My experience

In October I attended my first large scale event since the pandemic. TuttoFood Milan was an ambitious proposal for any organization. Over 150,000 attendees visited Fiera di Milano between the 22nd and 26th October 2021.

European dishes to try this year – ideas for home cooking

Europe has lots of delicious cuisine to discover. Yet which classic European dishes are ones worth trying. Each country with its own unique style and influence.

Spanish rum – The history of rum on spain´s costa tropical

Did you know sugar cane is grown on the Costa Tropical? Once the heart of the Spanish Rum industry.

Olive oil

Olive Oil is referred to as a Super Food. Packed with antioxidants and health benefits it has always been importance in the Mediterranean diet.

Eating at home

Does it happen to you? Mealtimes get repetitive and boring for me at times. Getting stuck into a routine where we serve the same meals over again.

Quality, freshness and source

Passionate about cooking and Mediterranean culture, Molly Sears-Piccavey loves to travel and identify the flavours of the world in what she cooks. Her mantra? The carbon footprint of food and respect for the environment.

Superfood list

With more emphasis on eating healthy and boosting our immune system. Superfoods are constantly in the media. Each month it seems that we discover a new superfood. Recent Food Trends for Goji berries, avocadoes and kale. This superfood list takes a look at some of the most popular ones right now.

Food Trends 2021

As we enter Autumn 2020, I take a look a emerging Food trends 2021. COVID has had an impact on the way we source our food and eating out. With restaurants increasing take away services and home delivery. 

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