From food to the gourmand experience: at TUTTOFOOD2021 with APCI

Fiera Milano, Rho


From food to the gourmand experience: at TUTTOFOOD2021 with APCI

Massimiliano Mascia, Stefano Cerveni, Sandro Serva, Gino Sorbillo and Wicky Pryian are just some of the great Italian chefs who will be highlighting the products at the Association's events.

Discovering the best raw materials is exciting. Tasting products of excellence from Italy from around the world is fascinating. But what about the exciting experience of seeing ingredients and products transformed into gourmet specialties thanks to the creativity and experience of some of the best Italian chefs? This is exactly what will happen at TUTTOFOOD 2021, from October 22 to 26 at fieramilano, thanks to the strategic collaboration with APCI - Professional Association of Italian Chefs, refreshed after the success of the last editions.


As part of the event APCI will propose a programme of content and events aimed at enhancing the food and cookery business sector, highlighting the potential of products through gourmet offerings at the highest level. The presence of the best Italian chefs, which this year takes on even greater significance thanks to the simultaneity with HostMilano, at a time when catering and the away-from-home sector are once again playing a leading role.



A schedule that shines with stars


By also exploiting the synergies of this contemporaneity, the Association will propose an exclusive programme for TUTTOFOOD that will contribute to the enrichment of the joint system of agro-foods and hospitality in a supply chain perspective. In this context, we could not forget a real Academy, an arena managed and coordinated by APCI that will alternate culinary events of the highest level with moments of in-depth analysis on the novelties of the Food Service market. The objective is to build a training program that enhances the products of Italian food companies, interpreted by the mastery of the professional chefs involved: star chefs, international professionals,


the best pizza makers. Among the names already confirmed are Massimiliano Mascia, Stefano Cerveni, Sandro Serva, Gino Sorbillo and Wicky Pryian.


The host of the event will be the APCI Chef Italia National Team, which will coordinate the programme and the various opportunities for food consumption in support of the author stages. "The collaboration between APCI and TUTTOFOOD enhances the main driver of the recovery: the agri-food chain - comments Sonia Re, Director General of APCI -. We bring to the stage a path that optimises the entire food sector, along with the kitchen. A supply chain project that starts with the ingredients and the companies and finishes with the dish, thanks to the knowledge of the raw materials and their processing by the cooks. The rediscovery of the value of food as a cultural, social and economic Italian identity, as the key to remedy the shortcomings of the sector to date and seize the opportunity to restart with the right momentum".