In glass bottles on the table or packed in cardboard for on-the-go use: it's the new mineral water

Fiera Milano, Rho


In glass bottles on the table or packed in cardboard for on-the-go use: it's the new mineral water

Italians remain big consumers of mineral water, but they demand more sustainable solutions. Recyclable cardboard is making its way into on-the-go consumption, while glass is making a comeback at the dining table.

Italians are known to be among the largest consumers of mineral water: an Ismea analysis underlined that our country ranks third in the world after Mexico and Thailand for bottled water consumption. This is explained by historical reasons, i.e. a wealth of natural mineral water springs that has only a few comparisons in the world - over 200 springs officially recognised by the EU - and consumption has increased in recent years due to a growing attention to health and naturalness. We consume around 10 billion bottles of water per year, 71% of which still water. Sustainability is at the forefront in this sector, where there is still room for a recovery: suffice it to say that today Italians consume 24 million glass water bottles, against 31 million ten years ago.


In fact, changes in consumer trends are not so much in product types as in service content. This is how Bianca Boggio, Marketing at Lauretana, explained it: “The change is in the ways of use. The exponential increase in the demand for home delivery of glass water bottles during lockdowns did not decline after reopenings. We believe this is a trend that will continue. In general, the demand for glass bottled water is increasing as a result of growing consumer awareness.”


This topic, which inspired the historic players of the sector to propose innovative solutions, on the one hand, on the other hand led to the birth of start-ups that propose new concepts, such as Acquainbrick. “Out-of-home water consumption is growing rapidly” - explained Christian Creati, CEO and co-founder of Acquainbrick - “and the most aware consumers are looking for alternatives to plastic containers. However, while glass is a good solution at the table, different solutions are needed for consumption on the move. Acquainbrick offers water in a cardboard brick made from over 70% vegetable raw materials and 100% recyclable: in fact, our aim is not just to offer a new commodity, but to promote cultural change.”