Christmas at home, with fresh, healthy food

Fiera Milano, Rho


Christmas at home, with fresh, healthy food

More vegetables, fresh fruit and nuts are expected to fill the Christmas baskets of Italian consumers this year, reinforcing a trend already evident during the lockdown and which has continued to grow even after the re-opening.

The time of year when we all like to eat just a bit too much is approaching. But this year, the Christmas atmosphere will be different from usual, with more time at home for everyone: and this should make us more careful about our waistlines, fitness and wellbeing. While heavy traditional dishes and holiday sweets will be on the table as always, it's likely we'll also see more fresh and dried fruit and nuts this year, as well as more vegetables.


This trend, which started during the lockdown, has continued into the re-opening: according to Nomisma/Crif, one out of every two Italians has changed their shopping habits in recent months, with one family in three saying that they're eating more fruit and vegetables, while only 15% say they're eating less. Fruit experienced better growth (+20.4% in value) than vegetables (+13.4%). These trends reflect the changes in the entire groceries basket, which has grown for 23% of families. This increase is partly due to the ease of finding products in new ways, with 16% of families now using food delivery services.



Fresh and dry fruits and nuts are now the centrepiece of the table


“It's precisely because people tend to make healthy eating choices during the rest of the year that they let themselves go a bit at Christmas," says Fabio Tosello, Sales Director for Madi Ventura, "but they still keep an eye on health and sustainability. In November we'll be launching our new Scorta Verde line, packaged in compostable film, which will include fruit and mixes in a large format, and we are looking at upcoming product launches to expand the concept of the goodness and nutritional value of dry fruit and nuts. Traditional fruits like dates, figs and walnuts will be popular during Christmas, as well as large format packs of almonds, shelled hazelnuts and pine nuts, which are used in home cooking.”


“We believe that conventional food products will be favoured by this particular moment in time," says Sara Menin, Project Manager Development for L’Insalata dell’Orto. "On the other hand, consumers want guarantees about what they're putting on the table more than ever before. Supply chains, certifications and restricted lists of ingredients will be ever more important factors. We are preparing for the resumption of normal business, with new high service content products ready to satisfy the curiosity and imagination of our customers. And we'll be officially launching our new products at TUTTOFOOD”.


TUTTOFOOD continues to support food industry professionals with market surveys and trend analyses in the run up to the 2021 edition at fieramilano from 17 to 20 may.