Trends: According to the Ambassadors, Naturalness is the keyword

Fiera Milano, Rho


Trends: According to the Ambassadors, Naturalness is the keyword

Raw and unprocessed ingredients, more protein and fibres, zero-km products. But also great attention to sustainability according to TUTTOFOOD's "scouts" across the lands.

Healthy, zero-km food, more proteins and beyond. The trends outlined by the young Ambassadors of TUTTOFOOD Next Generation, who are the "scouts" of the event in the area, ready to pick up on the most innovative trends, are clearly focused on naturalness and a return to the healthy habits of our great-grandparents.


For Sasha Wang, Ambassador born in China and Florentine by adoption, the pandemic accentuates the experience of food as an expression of lifestyle and personality. "In my kitchen, dry pasta and noodles are combined with Chinese dumplings and homemade baozi. I buy raw, unprocessed ingredients and believe in using organic and zero-km products. A meal of the future? We will consume more fibres and proteins.”


Julie Pedroni also basically agrees: "More and more people are becoming aware of their food, eliminating products that are not in line with basic values. I think there will be a return to the choice of local and seasonal products, non-standardised in shape and colour, just as mother nature created them and with their true flavour".


It's not just about tastes but also attitudes, as Molly Sears-Piccavey, a Briton based in Spain, points out. "Shops selling food and household products in bulk, avoiding packaging waste, are becoming increasingly popular here. In addition, as pandemic hygiene requirements have increased the use of disposable cutlery and plates, and thus there is an increased focus on recycling and compostability.


Everyone agrees on a green future where consumers will be very attentive not only to the product, but also to companies' commitment to environmental and social responsibility. To be ready, the place to discover the trends will be TUTTOFOOD 2021, in conjunction with HostMilano at fieramilano from 22 to 26 October, with its rich schedule of events and conferences.