TUTTOFOOD 2021: high-profile content and influential partnerships

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TUTTOFOOD 2021: high-profile content and influential partnerships

In addition to existing partnerships, DNV, one of the world's leading F&B certification bodies, is inaugurating the partnership with data from a research study on business resilience during the pandemic.

Food & Beverage confirms itself as a responsive sector. And which, despite some objective limitations - such as the sometimes small size of the company - wants to invest in innovation. These are the findings of a supply chain resilience survey conducted in 2020 by DNV, the leading international certification body and new partner of TUTTOFOOD 2021. Food & Beverage emerges from the research as one of the sectors where disruptions and their consequences appear less severe. For example, almost half of the respondents (46.9% compared to an average of 38.7%) report no or limited impact. Although 48.8% of companies in this sector also experienced a reduction in sales, only 30% experienced operational limitations.


The reduced impact of the pandemic on the agri-food sector was an expected result”comments Alberto Sartori, Supply Chain Manager, Supply Chain & Product Assurance - Southern & Eastern Europe at DNV. "In many companies production continued normally and consumption, at least in Retail, remained constant when not increased. In many countries, food supply chains have been safeguarded in spite of lockdowns and this is even more true for Italian food, where preserving the supply chain, often local, is an important added value. The consequences in the sector are mostly indirect and relate in particular to the reorganisation of logistics and the staffing levels required by health protocols”.


However, it should be noted that for Italian companies the increase in operating costs has been more marked (50% compared to 35% globally) and continuing to do business has become an even greater challenge: “It is not surprising - continues Sartori - that even in the food sector many companies have adopted backup plans that involve diversifying their supplier base, but these are mostly reactive and temporary solutions, while the sector invests in preserving supply chains to an above-average extent. Companies have also taken steps to collaborate constructively with existing suppliers, following the good practice of learning more about them, setting priorities and increasing communication. Food & Beverage companies are demonstrating greater awareness of supply chain risks and traceability requirements, also by using innovative digital solutions such as blockchain”.


In this context, TUTTOFOOD 2021 will be an edition strongly oriented towards qualityrather than quantity. High-profile content not only in the exhibition area, but also in the busy schedule of events will be ensured by the authoritative partnerships. DNV's contribution joins those of Apci, Assica, Dolce Italia, FederBio, IRi, Netcomm, Pasta Italia, Retail Institute Italy, Unione Italiana Food, UnionAlimentari, Unas, Unione Italiana Vini. Close cooperation also continues with ICE in scouting and relations with international stakeholders.