Spain: between import and export, a key Country for F&B


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Spain: between import and export, a key Country for F&B

Always among the most present countries at TUTTOFOOD, both with exhibitors and buyers, Spain presents many exchange opportunities to be explored.

Spain is Europe's leading producer and exporter of fruit and vegetables, with more than 10 million tons of Vegetables and more than 13 million tons of Fruit produced in 2021 according to data from Fruit Logistica, and has always been one of the most represented countries in different sectors of TUTTOFOOD’s exhibition itinerary: from jamon serrano, to cheese, up to olive oil, many Spanish products are sought after in international markets.


Thanks to this variety of products, imports from Spain are of great interest not only to buyers from Italy, but also to those from many European and world markets present at TUTTOFOOD. Among the various producers, the value proposition of Luxury Tapas is one of a kind, as explained by Francesco Montesi: “Our target isn’t the end user but the Ho.Re.Ca. sector: our customers are restaurateurs, therefore I would speak of needs rather than trends. Since the 1990s we came to understand that the main need of restaurants was to save time and effort and reduce waste and scraps. We anticipated the “dark kitchen” model by offering semi-finished products, made by slow cooking at low temperature, instead of ready-made dishes to be heated in a microwave, so that chefs could finalize them according their own sensibility and creativity. With the difficulties that today the industry is facing in recruiting its personnel, our model has proved even more successful. The most popular products include savory lollipops, pulled and confit meats. All of our lines showed great results, and so did handmade desserts. We have many customers in Italy, that’s why attending TUTTOFOOD is important for us”.


Spain is also a very significant importing market for different types of food products, especially gourmand, partially thanks to the presence of a lively and very extensive away-from-home sector, as the Iberian country is the world's second largest tourist destination in terms of international arrivals. This is also evidenced by a history and significant participation of Spanish buyers at TUTTOFOOD. “The market is demanding quality products despite the energy crisis”, confirms Vincenzo Puorro, owner and purchasing manager of Delicias de Italia. “Consumers are demanding products that allow to get 'Back to Basics', and for this reason at TUTTOFOOD we look for quality products by small artisan companies that are not mass-produced”. Paolo Pietrunti, Owner of Perle de Italia, also confirms that: “Our target are small local producers. We favor products with designation and with a controlled production process.  This is important to distinguish the quality that gives added value to the product, differentiating it from others”.


“I refer to two categories of products: price products and high quality products”, replies Pietro Delfine, CEO of Prima Stella, adding that “there’s a lot of misinformation, customers expect more natural, selected and well-presented products and they need to be reassured on these aspects”. While Giulio Marino of Orto Mediterraneo, an importer and distributor of Italian products for Spain, says that: “At the moment sustainability is mainly of interest to people who work locally and push for local products. However, the kitchen needs both domestic and international products in order to be creative”.


The appointment to trade with Spain, for both import and export, will be at TUTTOFOOD2023, at fieramilano from May 8 to 11.