Towards Netcomm Focus Food: digitalization to meet new challenges

Fiera Milano, Rho


Towards Netcomm Focus Food: digitalization to meet new challenges

Digital and multichannel transformation will be the theme of next edition, that will return in presence on October 27 at the Enterprise Hotel in Milan.

Like the entire economy, also the Food & Beverage world had to face tough challenges during these months. For this reason, today more than ever it's important to discuss and explore data and trends in order to anticipate developments in the near future. During these weeks, industry players are looking in particular at the fifth edition of Netcomm Focus dedicated to developments, trends and innovations in Digital Food & Grocery, organized by the Italian Consortium for Electronic Commerce in collaboration with TUTTOFOOD, which this year will return in presence on October 27 at the Enterprise Hotel in Milan.


“In the current macroeconomic scenario, we cannot overlook inflation, which is impacting the entire supply chain, with costs falling also on online retailers, along with delivery costs”, comments Roberto Liscia, President of Netcomm. “However, e-commerce is expected to consolidate also for consumer goods. We have entered a new phase in which digital channels are at the center of the purchasing path for 33.3 million Italian consumers. If the pandemic was a boost for e-commerce, the latter has in turn boosted multichannel shopping: one out of 4 customers claims to buy the same brand both online and in physical stores”.



Digital transformation advances also for F&B


"The Digital and Multichannel Transformation of Food & Grocery Supply Chains” will be the leitmotif of this edition, which will present among the central topics of the event the new purchasing behaviors of Italian e-shoppers in Food & grocery, in addition to the scenario, data and key trends of online FMCG in Italy. And again, the strategies and new services of industry players or the opportunities for SMEs deriving from digital channels and digital export. There will be no shortage of insights on the reorganization of supply chains in the new hybrid context and on technologies and services to support digital and omnichannel transformation.


“From manufacturing companies to intermediaries, up to distribution companies, all the entities will have to review their way of doing business”, continues Liscia, “as well as their relationships along the supply chain, questioning production, commercial and operational logics. The most attentive companies are already thinking about innovating projects to combine the new demands with a renewed way of delivering the offer, leveraging on the most promising technologies. New production logics, new data flows and new competitive territories will be the key words for FMCG companies in the coming years. This and much more will be discussed at the upcoming Netcomm Focus Food”.


Data and evidence from Netcomm Food&Grocery research, success stories and testimonials from the corporate world will be presented at the event.


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