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Anna Chertkova

Hi there! I'm Anna, a Russian blogger based in Milan but actually from Moscow. I started my blog 12 years ago (!) when I moved to Italy and wanted to share my experience as an “Italian” with my friends and all those who fell in love with the Bel Paese, just like myself.


The blog is the a sort of a hub where I talk about what fascinates me the most in Italy and surprises my followers in Russia: the Italian lifestyle, fashion, beauty, motherhood, career and cooking all’italiana, that is with passion and love.


Many tell me that my blog is a kind of study of Italianness: here you’ll find essays on Italy’s mystic and bizarre places, beauty secrets Italian women know (and you don’t), exclusive travel tips, secret places to discover in Milan and, of course, lots of photos.


Genuine Italian cuisine is one of the themes that I take to heart particularly (or should I rather say to stomach?). As a mother, I pay close attention to what I bring to the table, whether it is a typical Russian dish or 100% Italian. This is why posts about eating healthy, in a balanced and conscious way, are among my favourites and most followed by my readers.


I hope my experience in social media (I’m a Social Media Manager at an important Italian company) allows me to raise awareness of healthy food choices through my blog and my media channels, always with the lightness due to the pleasure that food gives.


I enjoy sharing simple but tasty recipes, good but also healthy, proof eaten by my Italian-Russian family, and maybe a random funny anecdote or story to keep you company while you cook.


Here, this is a really important thing: I am happy when people come to visit me on the blog even if only for a daily dose of humour; after all, I write about the land of the Dolce Vita!

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