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Yasmin Saadi

Welcome to VGNBITES – thanks for stopping by my kitchen on the Internet!


I’m Yasmin, Nutritionist, Vegan Food blogger, Photographer, Videographer and recipe developer behind Vgnbites.  I’ve studied cooking in Milan and specialized in Vegan kitchen.


I believe that people should thrive and live in symbios with the modern society, causing minimal harm to animals and nature.


My ambition is to make vegan cooking as easy as possible so people can improve their health and the world and recipes that really taste good!


On Vgnbites you’ll find healthy plant based recipes that anyone could make, taste delicious and focus on wholesome ingredients (plus plenty of chocolate & smoothies!)


Vgnbites reflects my beliefs on eating and living a healthy Lifestyle-Delicious, easy  to  inspire people who are looking for healthy food choices & and recipes that focus on fresh organic plant based ingredients.


I serve people who are looking to eat healthier, incorporate more natural and plant-based foods in their diet, but who also want to take the stress out of healthy eating.



Healthy, simple and vibrant recipes


Life can be busy, (don’t we all know it!) so I wanted to make sure that  Vgnbites focuses on primarily simple, easy to put together, healthy recipes that you can add to your weekly menu.



A little bit more about me


My studio and the center of my work is my home… you’ll find me in my in the kitchen behind my camera…in my pyjamas.


I love serving the world by… Sharing recipes! Wellness tips! Photography tips! Blogging tips! Pictures of my family which is made of Two amazing boys : Matteo & Liraz !


I’m a stay home mom, I’m originally Israeli who came to visit Italy once in the past for a trip and this trip changed my destiny In the name of LOVE ( yes , I’m a romantic person and I cry all the time I watch drama or cartoons …even for the 10th time ..that’s me ). We live in Milan, you should come and visit Italy if you haven’t ☺


So you’ll find me running between blogging, shooting new videos for my blog & clients and still with no time to breath trying to make my best as a mom, running ti bring Matteo from the kindergarten and Liraz from school!

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