From a protein-based breakfast to oriental foods. The future means being more daring

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From a protein-based breakfast to oriental foods. The future means being more daring

Closely tied to Puglia and tradition, but ready to open themselves up to new flavours and risky combinations. Food and young people, in the words of Andrea and Valentina Piertrocola, authors of the ‘lacucinadelfuorisede’ blog

Andrea and Valentina Pietrocola

Andrea and Valentina, brothers with 2 years age gap, leave their quite small city in Apulia for Rome to undertake undergraduate studies.

Who they are



1. What does food represent to you?


We always carry Puglia in our hearts and this is why we see food as a way to nourish the body, but particularly the soul. How can we forget family reunions during the holidays or simple Sunday lunches at granny’s house?



2. What products do you eat most?


We always have pasta, vegetables and extra virgin olive oil on the table, products that form the basis of the Mediterranean diet. And then we like to add many other ingredients that we normally buy at the local markets in Rome and Parma, the city in which we live right now, respecting particularly the seasonality of products and their source.



3. What values do you consider when selecting a product?


Despite being very traditional and tied to our origins, we like to experiment and try new cuisines and new dishes, especially those relating to diets poor in animal proteins.



4. What key trends do you think we’re going to see in the food sector?


Many future food trends will be dedicated to vegan and vegetarian products relate to our physical well-being.



5. Name one innovative food that you think will be successful.


An ingredient we haven’t tried yet are insects, already very fashionable in oriental cooking. We haven't found the courage yet, but we think this food will have more success in the future.



6. Do you see differences in the food habits of youngsters and adults?


In 2016 we started a blog to help young students and workers as they move out and cook for the first time. Today’s youngsters are much more attracted to the world of cooking and like to experiment in the kitchen.  Unlike most adults, we young people love to try new flavours, even those that really contrast with each other.



7. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack: try to imagine what these meals will look like in 10 years’ time and tell us about them.


If we imagine main meals ten years from now, we see a breakfast rich in fats and proteins (egg, avocado, nuts) and a lunch and dinner strongly influenced by oriental cultures. We think the new thing will be snacks involving insects and seaweed, the real foods of the future.



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