In the future, we’ll eat more wisely

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In the future, we’ll eat more wisely

This, according to Sofia della Torre, creator of gastronomic content. An English teacher and certified cook, she is dedicated to the photographic design and preparation of food recipes.

Sofia de la Torre

Creator of gastronomic content. English Teacher and certified cook dedicated to photographic design and the preparation of culinary recipes.

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1. What does food mean to you?


Food is not only part of my daily activities as a mother and cook blogger, it is also in my childhood memories and thoughts. In my free time I like to bake and take photos of my recipes, I buy all sorts of food magazines and cookery book as and I absolutely love talking about new trends in the food industry, products and recipes with anyone willing to share my interests.



2. Which food products do you eat most?


As a mother of two teenagers we eat tons of pasta as well as other carbohydrates such as rice and potates. I bake my own sourdough bread from time to time, too.


Dairy products and vegetables would be in the second place as well as fresh fruit, nuts. We eat meat every other day and fish two or three times a week.



3. Which values do you take into consideration doing grocery shopping?


I value time and, although I would like to purchase my grocery in the local markets where the local producers sell their goods I usually buy almost everything in the nearest supermarket.



4. Which, in your opinion are the most relevant trends for the future of the food sector?


I believe we are becoming more concious of what we eat. What we consume affects our health and pockets and for this reason the food industry is exploring new paths. Products will be properly labelled in order to indicate levels of sugar, salt, nutrients and so on. To say more, the quality of the products will be better as there will be more control in factories and on local producers.


Secondly, regarding new trends  for the future,  I guess we will eat food which had been modified to our convenience; smaller vegs and fruits, gluten free, lactose free, sugar free. There will be added proteins, vitamins in products, as well.


Thirdly, we will eat more wisely. We won´t waste as much food as we do now, as society is getting more and more concerned about food waste. Meat will no longer constitute the unique source of proteins, but we will eat more nuts, seaweed and even insects, why not?


I also think the number of vegetarians and even vegans will grow considerably.



5. Which innovative food will be most successful?


Probably veganism is a trend on the raise. Also products where seaweed and  insects will gain popularity.



6. Do you think young people have different consumer patterns from an older generation?


Absolutely, although fortunately many young people are heading back to traditional food. Many things have changed in the last decades. In the past, our mothers would spend long hours in the kitchen cooking whereas these days, with modern kitchen tools, we can produce almost as tasty food as they used to.


We also have now access to all sorts of products and tendencies from all over the world. We can duplicate recipes from remote exotic places our old generations would have never dreamt to even see them not mention eat them in their homes or in a restaurant.



7. Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack: what will be eating in 10 years?


We, for sure will be eating more healthy. Breakfast will become more nutricious, with dairy, fruit and carbohydrates as we are becomiong increasingly aware of the importance of the first meal of the day.


As far as the Spanish people are concerned, I think our lunches in the weekdays will be lighter and sooner. In time we will have to change our meals timetables and adapt our eating hours to the rest of the Europeans. We will still enjoy late lunch at weekends, of course.


Unfortunately I contemplate a not so enthusiactic future about dinners as we will be eating something quick in front of the TV. However, I’m sure that Spanish culture will prevail and there will always be bars and “terrazas” where friends will meet for a coffee at breakfast, a snack or “vermut” before lunch and some “tapas” with a glass of wine for dinner.



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